Woohooo we made it to a second post! I figured what better way to kick off this blog than with a full day of eats?! As a long time food blog follower, 'What I Ate Wednesday's have always my favorites posts. I think what people eat tells a lot about their personality, and it's also a great way to get some food inspo!


If you follow me on the gram, than you know I've been eating this bfast every day for the last month or so. It is so satisfying! I just take a packet of Better Oats maple & brown sugar oatmeal, mix in a half scoop of vanilla protein powder, add in a mashed nanner, and then stir in some fruit and nut butter (I've been switching off between TJ's almond butter and Minny Spoons' cinnamon date cashew butter). Complete with healthy carbs, protein and fat it keeps me full until lunch! Un-pictured is my usual cup of coffee with a scoop of vital proteins collagen powder!


I've also been eating this sweet potato Buddah from Fit Foodie Finds on repeat because it's just so easy to throw together. It's made with sautéed kale and onions, roasted sweet potato, quinoa, tahini, and I added some over easy eggs and siracha to make one BOMB lunch (that also makes for a satisfying bfast)! Highly recommend for my fellow lazy cookers who like to just throw things into a bowl!




Now on to the snacks.. I am a frequent snacker, and I especially struggle with grazing, but I've been making my meals more filling and it definitely helps lessen the urge to snack! Yesterdays snacks included these vanilla bean cashew butter blender muffins from Happy Healthy Mama plus a bowl full of grapes! 


For dinner I had one of my new favorite salads that's made with kale, roasted butternut squash and brussels sprouts, walnuts, parmesan cheese, and I added some chicken after I took the pic! For the dressing I usually use the Primal Kitchen green goddess dressing - SO good! I also had some Talenti chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and a glass of wine for dessert because, #winenot?


And that's it! I'd say this is pretty a typical day of eats for me. I tend to get hooked on certain recipes (eg. My daily oatmeal and those blender muffins) and eat them non-stop which is why I would probably make for a pretty boring food blogger. But I do love trying new recipes and I especially love to eat!